Hat-Trick at ISCAS 2016!

All of our three submissions to the highly selective and prestigious ISCAS 2016 conference (ranked #1 in the area in terms of citations in the last 10 years by Microsoft Academic Search) have been accepted:

  1. Flow-Based Computing on Nanoscale Crossbars: Design and Implementation of Full Adders (Lecture)
  2. Automated Synthesis of Stochastic Computational Elements Using Decision Procedures (Poster)
  3. Parallel Boolean Matrix Multiplication in Linear Time Using Rectifying Memristors (Lecture)
This hat-trick was made possible due to the sustained creative efforts of our NSF Fellow Alvaro Velasquez who authored two of the papers and our Fulbright Fellow Amad Ul Hassen who authored the other paper with our MS student Brigadesh Chandrasekhar.