New patent granted to our nanoscale computing invention

Our sneak-paths based nanoscale computing invention is now protected by a US patent granted to the UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA RESEARCH FOUNDATION, INC.

Hat-Trick at ISCAS 2016!

All of our three submissions to the highly selective and prestigious ISCAS 2016 conference (ranked #1 in the area in terms of citations in the last 10 years by Microsoft Academic Search) have been accepted:

Elected to the Faculty Senate

Sumit Kumar Jha has been elected to the University of Central Florida Faculty Senate.

Collaborative paper with Oak Ridge National Lab accepted at DATE 2016

Our paper on validating machine learning algorithm using a combination of symbolic and statistical methods has been accepted for publication at DATE 2016. This is collaborative work supported by a grant from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

2015 Computer Science Faculty Search Committee

Sumit Kumar Jha has been invited to serve on the 2015-2016 Computer Science Faculty Search Committee. 

University-wide Bioinformatics and Genomics Faculty Search Committee

Sumit Kumar Jha has been invited to serve on the university-wide Bioinformatics and Genomics faculty search committee. The cluster hire will lead to 5 new faculty appointments in the next two years. 

Alvaro's paper on fault-tolerant crossbar synthesis accepted to IEEE ICCD 2015

Congratulations to Alvaro Velasquez for the acceptance of our paper "Fault-Tolerant Computation-in-Memory Crossbar Designs using Quantified Constraint Solving" at the 33rd IEEE International Conference on Computer Design 2015!

Faraz's parameter estimation paper accepted to BMC Bioinformatics

Congratulations to Faraz Hussain for the acceptance of his paper on parameter estimation for publication in BMC Bioinformatics!

Alvaro's paper on automated crossbar synthesis accepted to NanoArch'15

Congratulations to Alvaro Velasquez for the acceptance of our paper "Automated Synthesis of Computing Nanoscale Crossbars using Formal Methods" at IEEE/ACM NanoArch'15!

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for Alvaro Velasquez

Please join me in congratulating my PhD student Alvaro Velasquez on being awarded the 2015 National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship!

The highly selective and prestigious NSF GRFP award covers university-related expenses and comes with an additional generous stipend of $2,833 per month for a period of three years. Alvaro is the second recipient of this prestigious award in my lab in the last four years.

2015 Outstanding Thesis Award

Congratulations to our PhD student Alvaro Velasquez whose Honors thesis has been selected for the Outstanding Thesis Award at the 2015 Founder's Day Honors Convocation.

NVIDA GPU Technology Conference 2015

Nikhil Shekhawat's poster on analysis and validation of memristor crossbars using GPGPUs has been accepted at the 2015 NVIDA GPU Technology Conference. Congratulations!

IEEE IDT 2015 Paper on Crossbar Computing using Nanoscale Memristors

Alvaro Velasquez' paper on high-performance crossbar computing using nanoscale memristors has been accepted for publication at the IEEE IDT 2015 conference. Congratulations!

VMCAI 2015 Paper on Distributed Markov Chains

Our paper on statistical model checking of distributed Markov chains has been accepted to the 16th International Conference on Verification, Model Checking, and Abstract Interpretation (VMCAI) to be held in January 2015.

Air Force Research Lab grant on Nanocomputing

The QMAS lab is now working on nano computing in collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory.